When Baby Sleeps You Sleep... Right?

Okay mama's lets have a heart to heart. The saying is when baby sleeps you sleep. However I know a lot of us moms know that's not happening. We feel like okay the baby is sleep that means I need to sweep, do laundry, fold old laundry, find a snack, marinate dinner, return a phone call, do everything but sleep. Rest is essential mama!!! This is where a little help comes in. Postpartum doulas are here to alleviate some of those task we feel we need to do when baby is sleeping. The doula can come in and allow you to rest however you need to and they can tend to the baby and some of the chores. While the doula is present you can take the time to rest. Maybe that includes sleep or maybe that includes a longer shower than usual. Whatever it includes, its the perfect way to have time for yourself. The doula is here to "mother the mother" as she learns to navigate this new way of life.

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